English Resources

Although all of our online students must already have a high enough standard of English to study successfully, many may want to improve their English language abilities, especially in writing. The web sites listed below offer resources intended specifically for non-native speakers of English. Please note that this material is on websites maintained by third parties and as such we cannot be held responsible for them.

Types of resources to be found on the pages below include exercises designed to improve your English language writing and reading skills, lessons in English grammar, self-tests to evaluate your language ability, and chat rooms to discuss using English language with other learners.


  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)



A very good site with common sense explanations of some of the more difficult aspects of English usage. This site has self-tests for learning as well as many help files with explanations of how English grammar works.



  • LearnEnglish




This website has a Grammar section, IELTS exam practice materials and materials about Business & Work. To improve your academic writing, visit Writing for a Purpose. You will also find lots of listening activities and video content in Listen & Watch.


  • Alison




A free English online website with language skills courses and assessment offered by one of the world’s leading provider of free online courses.



  • Easy World of English




An attractive, user-friendly website including grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening practice and an interactive picture dictionary.


  • Learn English Today




A website set up by an experienced EFL teacher mainly focus on grammar with some exercises.