Applied Business Project

This is a capstone course. It presents students with the challenge of organizing and executing a management research project individually.

Important notes regarding ABP’s Online Classroom:

•It runs for 28 weeks, not 6 weeks;

•There are no DQs and assessments;

•There are fewer resources (but your tutor may provide more)

•You may be the only student, but equally there may be one or two others in your cohort;

•You will have a general area where you can share ideas with your colleagues and tutor, and a dedicated area for just you and your tutor;

•You must use the dedicated classroom area for official correspondence with your tutor as your official logbook;

•You need to use the classroom to submit milestone documents.


Q1: How many words am I expected to write for my ABP?

Your final submission must be approximately 12,000 (10,000 – 14,000) words, including tables but excluding cover page, statement of authorship, abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents, reference list and appendices.

Q2: I am working on my ABP, but I feel the time left is not enough for me, what shall I do?

In this case you can ask for a 10-week extension from the Online Program Leader ( before the final submission deadline. It will begin immediately upon completion of this 28-week module. You will continue with the same supervisor and using the same Blackboard classroom. You will be continuing with the same research topic.

There will be a fee for the extension. Please be aware that there is no possibility for a second 10-week extension. Hence if you are unable to complete your ABP by the end of the 10 weeks, you will be deemed to have failed your dissertation, and must then re-take the course in its entirety. We cannot guarantee you will have the same supervisor for an ABP re-take.

Q3: My ABP failed, what happens next?

This depends on your grade:

  • if you have obtained a grade of 40% or above, you may be eligible for a re-sit (there will be a fee). Failing this re-sit will lead you to a compulsory re-take of the full course.
  • If you have received a grade lower than 40%, you need to re-take the whole course again with full financial responsibility. It is only possible to re-take the ABP once. A Postgraduate Diploma or a Professional Development Diploma may be awarded if students fail the re-take..

You can refer to page “Re-sit and Re-take” for more information.

For more information about the Applied Business Project, please consult the ABP Milestone Calendar and the ABP Student Handbook located on the “Downloads” page, under the “Applied Business Project” section