Terms & Conditions

Financial Policies

If your application for admission is accepted by Glion Institute of Higher Education, you understand that as a condition of your enrollment, you are financially responsible for any and all charges incurred including tuition, program, and collections fees (including reasonable legal fees). By signing the Application Form, you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Payment Deadlines and Policies

Students must either pay tuition and applicable fees or have other financial arrangements in place by the deadline provided on the invoice for each class. The amount of the invoice must be cleared before the start of each term. Students who anticipate difficulty adhering to these deadlines should contact the Bursar’s Office immediately.

Bursar Hold

Once a course has started, if the student has an unpaid balance due for that course, a Bursar Hold may be placed on their Student Account. This is at the sole discretion of Glion and Laureate.

A Bursar Hold prevents a student from registering for any future course until the outstanding balance has been paid. If a student who is currently enrolled in a classroom and is subsequently placed on Bursar Hold, they may remain in that class until it ends.

If a student with a Bursar Hold has withdrawn from the Institution and would like to resume their studies, the outstanding balance must be cleared before they become eligible to enroll into the next available class.

Tuition and Fee Refunds

After Day 1 of a course, a student is bound to the Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule as described in the Terms & Conditions document. Refunds resulting from a student’s withdrawal from courses and/or the institution are based upon the effective withdrawal date (as confirmed by the Office of the Registrar). All official communications from students regarding class withdrawals must be made via email to studentsupport@gliononline.com.

Each email is considered by the date and time in which it arrives. After Day 14 of the course, the student is fully financially responsible for the invoice amount of that course.

Academic Commitment Policy

A student’s academic commitment to a course is dependent on their financial commitment. If a student drops a class within the refund period, as described in the Tuition and Fee Refund schedule in the Terms & Conditions document, then they are not academically responsible for that course.

For the Glion Online Program 6-week courses & 28-week courses, after Day 14 of the class, a student is fully academically responsible for that class and the grade received will be recorded on the Student Record.

For more information on Policies please refer to  2017 Glion Online Terms and Conditions.