Study Breaks & Leave-of-Absence

Study Breaks

Glion Online normally offers 6 study terms per calendar year and the course offerings are subject to availability. Usually there is a 2 weeks’ study break between terms, please consult the Academic Calendar located in the “Quick Links” section to the right of this page.


As students are responsible for completing the program within a 5 year limit, as calculated from the start date of their first course. Students are encouraged to follow their program through until the end, taking as few Leaves-of-Absence as possible.

If a student asks for Leave-of-Absence for one term, they may only resume their studies at the start of the following term.

Students are strongly recommended not to take more than 2 Leave-of-Absence in a rolling year (calculated from the first day when a student starts the first course).

Any Leave-of-Absence taken may have the following impact on the Student:

  • Reduces the valid studying time within the 5 year limit
  • Disrupts study momentum and disturbs the student’s established studying rhythm, which can influence a student’s general performance in the next course they will attend

If a student runs the risk of not being able to complete their Program within the 5 year limit, the Progression Panel will make a recommendation to change program (for example: exit points like PGC or PDC) or to withdraw a student for lack of academic progression.

Make sure you check the Academic Calendar located in the “Quick Links” section to the right of this page to plan your studies accordingly.