Re-sit & Re-take


Students who fail a course while reaching a grade of 40% or higher may be eligible for re-sit. A re-sit will not be permitted if the fail was due to cheating or plagiarism, resulting in a zero grade for a component of the course.

The re-sit requires a student to complete a new assignment in 15 days. This assignment draws on resources used for the particular course. Please note that the re-sit grade is capped at a pass/fail level, meaning the maximum grade a student can achieve will be 50%. There will be a fee for taking the re-sit.


Q1: When will I know if I am eligible for re-sit?

If you are eligible for re-sit, you will receive a letter from the Program Leader indicating re-sit eligibility after term ends. You are kindly required to reply within the time frame stated in this letter to confirm if you would like to take the re-sit. If no confirmation is received within this period, it will be assumed that you no longer wish to take the re-sit.

Q2: When shall I take the re-sit?

Once confirmed, you should take the re-sit either during your current course or in the 2 weeks’ break afterwards. If you are not enrolled for the current term, please take the re-sit as soon as possible within 12 weeks after the end date of your previous course. This is to increase the possibility of  passing by leverage students’ memory regarding their failed course.

Q3: What will be my course grade after the re-sit?

Your re-sit grade will be the mark awarded for the course. The maximum grade for a re-sit is 50% (passing grade). The re-sit grade, if below a pass, will still be the final awarded grade whether higher or lower than the previous grade.

Q4: I have failed the re-sit. What will be the result?

Normally, only 1 re-sit per course is permitted. Hence if a student does not pass the re-sit, he/she must retake the failed course and pay the relevant fee unless this course is then decided to be carried as a fail if applicable (please consult the “Re-take” section below).


Students who fail a re-sit with a grade lower than 50% or a certain course with a grade lower than 40% will be required to re-take the course.

If a student fails the re-take course, then the Progression Panel will communicate the consequence of a double fail.

Students who received a grade lower than 40% for M900, M923 or the Applied Business Project (ABP) must re-take the course.


Q1: What will be the result if I fail the re-take M923/Applied Business Project (ABP)?

  • Students who fail the re-take of M923 are not eligible to receive the MBA award. The Progression Panel will then decide which certificate/diploma can be awarded instead.
  • Students who fail the re-take of ABP are no longer eligible to receive the MBA award.  A Postgraduate Diploma or a Professional Development Diploma may be awarded instead.

Q2: What will be the result if I fail the re-take of other courses?

Students may normally only re-take a course 1 time. Should you fail the re-take, the the Progression Panel will communicate the consequence through a letter from the Dean

For further information on re-sit or re-take policies, please consult the Glion Online Student Handbook located on the “Downloads” page, under the “General Information” section.