Contributions & Assignments

Activity Contributions

Much of the learning in this class depends on contributing to the activities outlines in each Module(week); you are expected to contribute to them in the Forum area in accordance with the deadlines listed in the the classroom’s Calendar.

The Contributions required per Module must have been posted no later than the Sunday of that week and no contribution post or response will earn credit once the week has ended under any circumstance.

Hand-in Assignments

Hand-in Assignments are due on the day of the week assigned by 24h00 (midnight) in the Central European Time Zone (CET) or Central European Summer Time Zone (CEST) when applicable. Failure to meet the deadline without prior approval may result in zero points earned.

Hand-in Assignments must be submitted according to the instructions and must be in a format that your teacher can open and read. Failure to comply with submission instructions, to provide a document that your teacher can open and read, or to submit the correct Hand-in Assignment will result in a failure to meet the deadline.

Please note that no Hand-in Assignments will be accepted after the last day of term (Module/Week 6, Day 7) unless prior approval is obtained.



Q1: How should I use other people’s work in an assignment?

It is important to refer to other people’s work in an assignment, to show that you have good knowledge of the subject, to provide varying points of view and competing theories, and to support any opinion you advance with research and other data. You can do this by verbatim quotes, paraphrases, the use of data, graphs, images, etc..

If you do not refer to other people’s work to support your own, you may not receive a good grade.

However, it is VITAL that when you refer to other people’s work in an assignment, you make it clear that you are doing so. Presenting another person’s work in an assignment in a way which makes it look like your own work is an infringement of the University’s regulations, even if you do it by mistake, and has serious repercussions. Please see “Citing and Referencing” section for more details.

Q2: If I travel to a different time zone do my deadlines change?

Your deadline remains at midnight local time, where ever you happen to be when the deadline falls, even if this is a different time zone to normal. You must, however, notify your faculty member so that they can take this into account.

For example, a student who lives in the United Kingdom would need to submit assignments by midnight PST if they were on vacation in Los Angeles, but they would need to advise their faculty member of this. In this example if unaware the student was in a different time zone the faculty member would not assess an assignment submitted after midnight GMT time, even though this would be some seven hours before the deadline that actually applied.