Extension & Mitigation

Students are required to submit their assignments on time. However, should events that occurred during the assignment preparation period have adverse effect on a student’s performance, he/she may be granted a new submission deadline with permission of the instructor/the Program Leader Office. Please be aware that technology issues are not valid reasons for missing deadlines.

Students should request extension from the instructor or mitigation from the Program Leader Office in advance (as early as possible). Unauthorized late submissions may not be accepted, resulting in a zero being awarded.

Please kindly note that delay in submission of your final assignment of a course can involve a late submission fee. In this case, Student Support will coordinate the process and inform you regarding all the details.


Q1: Which one shall I request, extension or mitigation?

  • Extension is for short non-medical issues, though your request of additional days may not always be fully granted if the timing presents additional challenges for the instructor.  Some extensions may even result in a late submission fee.
  • Mitigation is for medical and personal situations. A completed mitigations form should be sent with any medical certificates available.

Q2: I need to ask for an extension. Do I only have to inform my instructor?

When requesting extension from your instructor, please also update Student Support (studentsupport@gliononline.com). Student Support will assist you to meet the new deadline after it is granted.

Q3: What shall I do to request mitigation?

To request a mitigation, you should fill in the Mitigation Form and send it (together with medical certificates if applicable) to The Program Leader Office (onlineprogramleader@glion.edu), with a CC to your instructor, and Student Support (studentsupport@gliononline.com).

Q4: I have not heard back from my instructor/the Program Leader Office regarding my request, can I assume that it has been permitted?

If you have not received a response from your instuctor or from the Program Leader Office please do not assume that your request has been granted. You should then inform Student Support (studentsupport@gliononline.com) for assistance.

Q5: I have already been granted an extension/mitigation, but due to some reason I may not be able to hand in the assignment by this new deadline. What shall I do at this moment?

  • If it seems that you may miss the extension deadline, please inform your instructor and Student Support (studentsupport@gliononline.com) as soon as possible. Student Support will suggest on your next step based on your particular situation.
  • If you cannot meet the mitigation deadline, please contact the Program Leader Office (onlineprogramleader@glion.edu), making sure you Cc your instructor and Student Support (studentsupport@gliononline.com) at the earliest. The Program Leader office will discuss your case with your instructor to come to a decision.

Q6: I have already missed the submission deadline, can I still ask for extension/mitigation?

This depends on the reasons which caused the situation. Please contact Student Support (studentsupport@gliononline.com) immediately for advice. It is important to note that even if your late request may be approved, your assignment may still be considered as a late submission.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Student Support at studentsupport@gliononline.com.