Course Grade

After the completion of every course, the instructor will post your week 6 assignments’ grade on Blackboard before next term starts. Blackboard will then automatically calculate your weighted total grade. Please note that this grade provided by Blackboard cannot be considered as an official final grade until the Progression Panel meets and discusses it in detail.


The Progression Panel usually meets during the second week of the study break (during Christmas break, it takes place in the week right before January term starts). The day after the Panel meeting, you will receive a letter from the Program Leader informing you if you have successfully completed your course. Soon after, you will receive your official grade from Registrar.



Q1: What if I do not agree with my grades?

If you do not agree with your grade and/or your feedback, please contact your faculty member and the Student Support Team to make sure there is no misunderstanding about the way in which the assessment was made.

It is perfectly acceptable to discuss your assessment with your faculty member, and to request more feedback in a respectful manner. If you would like more advice on this, please contact the  Student Support Team using the links in the left-hand menu at the top of the screen.

If you are still not happy with the grade for an assignment, you may under certain circumstances appeal against it AFTER the grade has been confirmed by the Progression Panel.